Old Washington County Court House

The Historical Society, founded on May 21, 1978, is a non-profit organization.

Membership in the Society is $15.00 per calendar year, and includes a subscription to our Newsletter publication. Dues and/or contributions should be sent to the Washington County Public Library.

Queries and other historical/genealogical materials should to be sent to Ms. Barbara Waddell, P.O. Box 421, Chatom, AL or send email to her at bmaerawa@gmail.com. All queries will be printed free of charge in the quarterly and our web site. The committee reserves the right to edit or condense any material submitted and no material will be printed of a controversial nature. Queries and articles should be typed or printed, and double-spaced for easier reading.

The Washington County Historical Newsletter is published to distribute news of the Society, to promote interest in the history of Washington County, The First County in Alabama, and to encourage preservation of historical places and things within the County. The Newsletter also includes information pertaining to the Washington County Museum located in the Courthouse, Chatom; Old St. Stephens Museum & Park, and the MOWA Cultural Center on Red Fox Road in Calvert.

Why We Do What We Do

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